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2012 Immigrant homeownership and immigration status: Evidence from SpainAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Mundra, Kusum
2012 Remittances and portfolio values: An inquiry using Spanish immigrants from Africa, Europe and the AmericasAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2013 On the differential impact of the recent economic downturn on work safety by nativity: The Spanish experienceAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Borra, Cristina
2013 Old-Age Government Transfers and the Crowding Out of Private Gifts: The 70 and Above Program for the Rural Elderly in MexicoAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Juarez, Laura
2013 Low-Skilled Immigration and Parenting Investments of College-Educated Mothers in the United States: Evidence from Time-Use DataAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Sevilla-Sanz, Almudena
2014 The good and the bad in remittance flowsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina
2014 Remittance income uncertainty and asset accumulationAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2014 On the Intended and Unintended Consequences of Enhanced Border and Interior Immigration Enforcement: Evidence from DeporteesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2014 Welfare Reform and Immigrant FertilityAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Averett, Susan L.; Bansak, Cynthia
2014 When Do Remittances Facilitate Asset Accumulation? The Importance of Remittance Income UncertaintyAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2015 The impact of the recession on the wealth of older immigrant and native households in the United StatesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Pozo, Susan
2016 Can Authorization Reduce Poverty among Undocumented Immigrants? Evidence from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ProgramAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Antman, Francisca M.
2016 Schooling and Labor Market Effects of Temporary Authorization: Evidence from DACAAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Antman, Francisca M.
2016 Immigration Enforcement and Childhood Poverty in the United StatesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Arenas-Arroyo, Esther; Sevilla, Almudena
2016 Settling for Academia? H-1B Visas and the Career Choices of International Students in the United StatesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Furtado, Delia
2017 Undocumented Youth in Limbo: The Impact of America’s Immigration Enforcement Policy on Juvenile DeportationsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Puttitanun, Thitima
2017 Interstate Mobility Patterns of Likely Unauthorized Immigrants: Evidence from ArizonaAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Lozano, Fernando A.
2017 Immigration Enforcement and Foster Care PlacementsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Arenas-Arroyo, Esther
2017 On the Implications of Immigration Policy Restricting Citizenship: Evidence from the Dominican RepublicAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Gratereaux Hernández, Carlos; Pozo, Susan
2017 The Changing Family Structure of American Children with Unauthorized ParentsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Arenas-Arroyo, Esther