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2009Strengthening the Resilience of an Economy. Strategies to Prevent another CrisisAiginger, Karl
2009Industriepolitik in Österreich: Von selektiver Intervention zu einem systemischen Ansatz?Aiginger, Karl; Sieber, Susanne
2010Post Crisis Policy: Some Reflections of a Keynesian EconomistAiginger, Karl
2010Budget Consolidation in a Difficult Environment - Ten Guidelines Plus a Preliminary Reality CheckAiginger, Karl; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2010The Great Recession versus the Great Depression: stylized facts on siblings that were given different foster parentsAiginger, Karl
2010The Great Recession vs. the Great Depression: Stylized facts on siblings that were given different foster parentsAiginger, Karl
2011Why Labour Market Response Differed in the Great Recession: The Impact of Institutions and PolicyAiginger, Karl; Horvath, Thomas; Mahringer, Helmut
2011Consolidating the budget under difficult conditions: Ten guidelines viewed against Europe's beginning consolidation programmeAiginger, Karl; Schratzenstaller, Margit
2011Why Performance Differed Across Countries in the Recent Crisis. How Country Performance in the Recent Crisis Depended on Pre-crisis ConditionsAiginger, Karl
2012Policy options for the development of peripheral regions and countries of EuropeAiginger, Karl; Huber, Peter; Firgo, Matthias
2012A Systemic Industrial Policy to Pave a New Growth Path for EuropeAiginger, Karl
2012Sozialpolitik bei Budgetengpässen und FiskalpaktAiginger, Karl
2012Reconciling the short and the long run: governance reforms to solve the crisis and beyondAiginger, Karl; Cramme, Olaf; Ederer, Stefan; Liddle, Roger; Thillaye, Renaud
2013The "greening" of industrial policy, headwinds and a possible symbiosisAiginger, Karl
2013A new strategy for the European peripheryAiginger, Karl
2013Stylized facts on the interaction between income distribution and the Great RecessionAiginger, Karl; Guger, Alois
2013A New Strategy for the European PeripheryAiginger, Karl
2013The "Greening" of Industrial Policy, Headwinds and a Possible SymbiosisAiginger, Karl
2013Competitiveness under New PerspectivesAiginger, Karl; Bärenthaler-Sieber, Susanne; Vogel, Johanna
2013What can the EMU's peripheral countries learn from regional growth?Aiginger, Karl; Firgo, Matthias; Huber, Peter