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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Financial amplification of foreign exchange risk premiaAdrian, Tobias; Etula, Erkko; Groen, Jan J. J.
2010 Funding liquidity risk and the cross-section of stock returnsAdrian, Tobias; Etula, Erkko
2010 Financial intermediaries and monetary economicsAdrian, Tobias; Estrella, Arturo
2010 The changing nature of financial intermediation and the financial crisis of 2007-09Adrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2010 Financial intermediation, asset prices, and macroeconomic dynamicsAdrian, Tobias; Moench, Emanuel; Shin, Hyun Song
2011 Dodd-Frank one year on: Implications for shadow bankingAdrian, Tobias
2011 Financial intermediary balance sheet managementAdrian, Tobias; Shin, Hyun Song
2011 Repo and securities lendingAdrian, Tobias; Begalle, Brian; Copeland, Adam; Martin, Antoine
2011 Efficient, regression-based estimation of dynamic asset pricing modelsAdrian, Tobias; Crump, Richard K.; Moench, Emanuel
2011 Which financial frictions? Parsing the evidence from the financial crisis of 2007-09Adrian, Tobias; Colla, Paolo; Shin, Hyun Song
2012 Intermediary leverage cycles and financial stabilityAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina
2012 Shadow banking regulationAdrian, Tobias; Ashcraft, Adam B.
2012 Discussion of an integrated framework for multiple financial regulationsAdrian, Tobias
2012 Pricing TIPS and treasuries with linear regressionsAbrahams, Michael; Adrian, Tobias; Crump, Richard K.; Moench, Emanuel
2012 Shadow banking: A review of the literatureAdrian, Tobias; Ashcraft, Adm B.
2013 Leverage asset pricingAdrian, Tobias; Moench, Emanuel; Shin, Hyun Song
2013 Liquidity policies and systemic riskAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina
2013 Intermediary balance sheetsAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina
2013 Financial stability monitoringAdrian, Tobias; Covitz, Daniel; Liang, Nellie
2013 Shadow bank monitoringAdrian, Tobias; Ashcraft, Adam B.; Cetorelli, Nicola