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2018Point versus Band Targets for InflationBeechey, Meredith; Österholm, Pär
2019The Relation between Municipal and Government Bond Yields in an Era of Unconventional Monetary PolicyKnezevic, David; Nordström, Martin; Österholm, Pär
2019Heterogeneity in Households' Expectations of Housing Prices – Evidence from Micro DataHjalmarsson, Erik; Österholm, Pär
2019Heterogeneity in households' expectations of housing prices: Evidence from micro dataHjalmarsson, Erik; Österholm, Pär
2019The Relation between the Corporate Bond-Yield Spread and the Real Economy: Stable or TimeVarying?Karlsson, Sune; Österholm, Pär
2019Market Participants' Forecasts of Financial Variables – Can Survey Data Outperform the Random Walk?Kladivko, Kamil; Österholm, Pär
2020Modelling Returns in US Housing Prices – You're the One for Me, Fat TailsKiss, Tamás; Nguyen, Hoang; Österholm, Pär
2020Corona, Crisis and Conditional HeteroscedasticityKiss, Tamás; Österholm, Pär
2020Can Households Predict where the Macroeconomy is Headed?Kladivko, Kamil; Österholm, Pär
2021Modelling returns in US housing prices: You're the one for me, fat tailsKiss, Tamás; Nguyen, Hoang; Österholm, Pär
2021Modelling the Relation between the US Real Economy and the Corporate Bond-Yield Spread in Bayesian VARs with non-Gaussian DisturbancesKiss, Tamás; Mazur, Stepan; Nguyen, Hoang; Österholm, Pär
2022Trend inflation in SwedenÖsterholm, Pär; Poon, Aubrey
2022Inflation illiteracy: A micro-data analysisAndersson, Fredrik N. G.; Hjalmarsson, Erik; Österholm, Pär
2022Modelling Okun's law - does non-Gaussianity matter?Kiss, Tamás; Nguyen, Hoang; Österholm, Pär
2022Varför har arbetstagar- och arbetsgivarorganisationer olika förväntningar om lönetillväxt?Kiss, Tamás; Kladivko, Kamil; Lunander, Anders; Österholm, Pär
2022Analysts versus the random walk in financial forecasting: Evidence from the Czech National Bank's Financial Market Inflation Expectations SurveyKladívko, Kamil; Österholm, Pär
2023Market participants or the random walk: Who forecasts better? Evidence from micro-level survey dataKiss, Tamás; Kladivko, Kamil; Silfverberg, Oliwer; Österholm, Pär
2023A note of caution on the relation between money growth and inflationBerger, Helge; Karlsson, Sune; Österholm, Pär
2023The evolution of the natural rate of interest: Evidence from the Scandinavian countriesArmelius, Hanna; Solberger, Martin; Spånberg, Erik; Österholm, Pär
2023Does money growth predict inflation? Evidence from vector autoregressions using four centuries of dataEdvinsson, Rodney; Karlsson, Sune; Österholm, Pär