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DateTitle Authors
2014 Crime and Mental WellbeingCornaglia, Francesca / Feldman, Naomi E. / Leigh, Andrew
2009 Territorial Capital and Regional Growth: Increasing Returns in Cognitive Knowledge UseCapello, Roberta / Caragliu, Andrea / Nijkamp, Peter
2010 Residential mobility of the European elderlyAngelini, Viola / Laferrère, Anne
2009 "Reverse" intergovernmental transfers between regions with local public goodsHartwick, John M.
2009 What proportion of children stay in the same location as adults, and how does this vary across location and groups?Bartik, Timothy J.
2011 La importancia de los bienes públicos en la calidad de vida local: El caso de Manizales, ColombiaVelasquez, Liliana
2011 Effects of a Mortgage Interest Rate Subsidy: Evidence from ColombiaHofstetter, Marc / Tovar, Jorge / Urrutia, Miguel
2014 Taxes in CitiesBrülhart, Marius / Bucovetsky, Sam / Schmidheiny, Kurt
2013 Lessons learned from the largest tenure mix operation in the world: Right to buy in the United KingdomKleinhans, Reinout / van Ham, Maarten
2011 Combating in-work poverty in continental Europe: An investigation using the Belgian caseMarx, Ive / Vanhille, Josefine / Verbist, Gerlinde

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