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DateTitle Authors
2010 Tópicos em econometria espacial para dados cross-sectionCarvalho, Alexandre Xavier Ywata / Albuquerque, Pedro Henrique Melo
2005 The spatial econometrics of elephant population change: A noteFrank, Björn / Maurseth, Per Botolf
2004 Zipf zippedNitsch, Volker
2014 Benchmark value added chains and regional clusters in German R&D intensive industriesKosfeld, Reinhold / Titze, Mirko
2011 On the importance of growth spillovers and regional clustering in the Russian FederationPerret, Jens K.
2011 A proposal for an alternative spatial weight matrix under consideration of the distribution of economic activityPerret, Jens K.
2012 Identifying clusters within R&D intensive industries using local spatial methodsKosfeld, Reinhold / Lauridsen, Jorgen
2012 Decodificando economias locais: Análise da estrutura e dinâmica do sudeste paraense utilizando CSaCosta, Francisco de Assis
2005 Fiscal Devolution and DependencyForeman-Peck, James / Lungu, Laurian
2010 Land Conversion and Market Equilibrium – Insights from a Simulated LandscapeIovanna, Richard / Vance, Colin

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