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DateTitle Authors
2011 Intertemporal evaluation criteria for climate change policy: the basic ethical issuesBuchholz, Wolfgang / Schymura, Michael
2013 How can pure social discounting be ethically justified?Buchholz, Wolfgang / Schymura, Michael
2005 The Stability of the Adjusted and Unadjusted Environmental Kuznets CurveBecchetti, Leonardo / Auci, Sabrina
2004 Firing the Furnace? : An Econometric Analysis of Utilities? Fuel ChoiceTauchmann, Harald
2011 Market effects of voluntary climate action by firms: Evidence from the Chicago Climate ExchangeGans, Will / Hintermann, Beat
2009 The effects of a refinery on property values: The case of SwedenWinstrand, Jakob
2006 Water quality trading: Theoretical and practical approachesKeudel, Marianne
2007 Climate change and water resources: An international perspectiveKeudel, Marianne
2011 Is the Bucharest Convention on the protection of the Black Sea against pollution still a matter of general concern? Has it reached its purpose?Duşcă, Ileana Anca / Moraru, Ana-Maria
2014 Delineating Spring Recharge Areas in a Fractured Sandstone Aquifer (Luxembourg) Based on Pesticide Mass BalanceFarlin, Julien / Drouet, Laurent / Gallé, T. / Pittois, D. / Bayerle, M. / Braun, C. / Maloszewski, P. / Vanderborght, J. / Elsner, M. / Kies, A.

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