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DateTitle Authors
2011 Economic opportunities and structural effects of sustainable energy supplyBlazejczak, Jürgen / Braun, Frauke G. / Edler, Dietmar / Schill, Wolf-Peter
2005 Nonlinear production, abatement, pollution and materials balance reconsideredPethig, Rüdiger
2009 Economic prospects of ocean iron fertilization in an international carbon marketRickels, Wilfried / Rehdanz, Katrin / Oschlies, Andreas
2008 Structural change and performance of the German environmental sectorHorbach, Jens / Blien, Uwe / von Hauff, Michael
2009 Taxing and trading carbon emissions in the EU: Distributional comparisons of mixed policiesEichner, Thomas / Pethig, Rüdiger
2009 Internationally coordinated emission permit policies : an option for withdrawers from the Kyoto protocol?Bednar-Friedl, Birgit / Farmer, Karl
2011 Carbon tax scenarios and their effects on the Irish energy sectorDi Cosmo, Valeria / Hyland, Marie
2012 The potential contribution of the shipping sector to an efficient reduction of global carbon dioxide emissionsHeitmann, Nadine / Peterson, Sonja
2013 The effect of regulatory scrutiny asymmetric cost pass-through in power wholesale and its endMokinski, Frieder / Wölfing, Nikolas
2008 The impact of innovation activities on employment in the environmental sector: Empirical results for Germany at the firm levelHorbach, Jens

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