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1999 Pricing in ecosystems: A generalized linear production modelKlauer, Bernd
2015 Is There an Environmental Kuznets Curve: Empirical Evidence in a Cross-section Country DataVasilev, Aleksandar
2003 Environment and Happiness : Valuation of Air Pollution in Ten European CountriesWelsch, Heinz
2012 Gestão das águas: Experiências internacional e brasileirade Castro, César Nunes
2002 An integrated approach to understand territory dynamics: The Coastal Alentejo (Portugal)Lourenço, Nelson / Russo Machado, Carlos / do Rosário Jorge, Maria / Rodrigues, Luís
2015 The Potential of REDD+ for Carbon Sequestration in Tropical Forests: Supply Curves for carbon storage for Kalimantan, IndonesiaIndrajaya, Yonky / van der Werf, Edwin / Weikard, Hans-Peter / Mohren, Frits / van Ierland, Ekko C.
2000 Environmental policy under product differentiation and asymmetric costs - Does Leapfrogging occur and is it worth it?Rothfels, Jacqueline
2005 Optimal Abatement in Dynamic Multi-Pollutant Problems When Pollutants can be Complements or SubstitutesMoslener, Ulf / Requate, Till
2009 Institutions, Economic Development, and DeforestationGrimm, Michael / Klasen, Stephan / Schwarze, Stefan
2011 Transposição do rio São Francisco: Análise de oportunidade do projetoNunes de Castro, César

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