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13-Jan-2012 Where russians should live: a counterfactual alternative to Soviet location policyMichajlova, Tatjana
2011 Markets wanted: Expectation overshooting in transitionNeher, Frank
2009 Entrepreneurship, economic growth and policy in emerging economiesThurik, A. Roy
2002 Globalisation and governance : contradictions of neo-liberal migration managementOverbeek, Henk
2001 Preferences for inequality : East vs. WestSuhrcke, Marc
2009 Financial stability: the significance and distinctiveness of Islamic banking in MalaysiaKarwowski, Ewa
2003 Entrepreneurship and Economic TransitionAidis, Ruta
2011 Can Korea learn from German unification?Blum, Ulrich
2012 Top down or bottom up? A cross-national study of vertical occupational sex segregation in twelve European countriesSchäfer, Andrea / Tucci, Ingrid / Gottschall, Karin
2000 Sources of real exchange rate fluctuations in transition economies: The case of Ploand and HungaryDibooglu, Selahattin / Kutan, Ali M.

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