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DateTitle Authors
2008 Analysis of Spatial Disparities by a Structural Equations ModelCracolici, Maria Francesca / Cuffaro, Miranda / Nijkamp, Peter
2014 A Survey of the Economics of Fair TradeDammert, Ana C. / Mohan, Sarah
2016 Understanding the drivers of overweight and obesity in developing countries: The case of South AfricaButzlaff, Iris / Minos, Dimitrios
2015 Life satisfaction in Germany after reunification: Additional insights on the pattern of convergencePetrunyk, Inna / Pfeifer, Christian
2013 Assessing market for multi-national corporations at Nigeria's bottom of the pyramid: Hints from consumer behaviourAdebayo, Nathaniel Adeyemi
2014 'Globesity'? The Effects of Globalization on Obesity and Caloric IntakeCosta-i-Font, Joan / Mas, Núria
2010 Mozambique's elite: Finding its way in a globalized world and returning to old development modelsHanlon, Joseph / Mosse, Marcelo
2015 Life Satisfaction in Germany after Reunification: Additional Insights on the Pattern of ConvergencePfeifer, Christian / Petrunyk, Inna
2015 Impacts of Rural Electrification Revisited – The African ContextPeters, Jörg / Sievert, Maximiliane
2010 Guns and butter - but no margarine: The impact of Nazi economic policies on German food consumtion, 1933-38Spoerer, Mark / Streb, Jochen

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