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DateTitle Authors
2011 Anmerkungen zur Zukunft der SozialpolitikRoppel, Ulrich
2000 Trust vs Illusion: What is driving Demonetization in Russia?Marin, Dalia
2001 Zum Stand von Transformations- und EU-Beitrittsprozess in Mittel- und Osteuropa: Eine komparative AnalyseLackenbauer, Jörg / Wenzel, Heinz-Dieter
2006 The Vanishing Barter Economy in Russia: A Test of the Virtual Economy Hypothesis? Reply to Barry IckesMarin, Dalia
2008 The Cuban economy: Data on today's performance and information on tomorrow's projected changesCampbell, Al
2000 Soziale Sicherheit und WachstumTaschowsky, Peter
2010 The long-run weight of communism or the weight of long-run history?Roland, Gérard
2009 An Institutional Risk Analysis of the Kazakh EconomyRöhn, Oliver / Orazbayev, Sultan / Sarinzhipov, Aslan
2015 Lifting the Iron Curtain: School-Age Education and Entrepreneurial IntentionsFalck, Oliver / Gold, Robert / Heblich, Stephan
2004 Political Rents, Promotion Incentives, and Support for a Non-Democratic RegimeLazarev, Valery

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