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2003 Property rights and their impact on the wealth of nations : a cross-country studyHeitger, Bernhard
2008 Geography matters: Reconsidering the effect of geography on developmentBleaney, Michael / Dimico, Arcangelo
Feb-2013 Integration Between The Economic Growth and The Construction Industry: A Time Series Analysis On Turkey (2000-2012)Kargi, Bilal
2007 Multiple growth regimes: Insights from unified growth theoryGalor, Oded
2012 The sustainability of Chinese growth and the aggregate factor substitution elasticityWhalley, John / Xing, Chunbing
2008 Towards a unified theory of economic growth: Oded Galor on the transition from Malthusian stagnation to modern economic growthSnowdon, Brian
2005 Technological progress under learning by imitationKelly, Morgan
2005 The invention of inventionKelly, Morgan
1996 Does Equality Promote Growth?Fölster , Stefan / Trofimov, Georgi
Feb-2014 The Data of Labor Market in Turkey and Time Series Analysis on Economic Growth (2000:01-2013:03)Kargı, Bilal

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