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DateTitle Authors
1988 Ex Post Efficiency and Individual Rationality in Incentive Compatible Trading MechanismsLundgren, Stefan
2008 Economic efficiency and growth: Evidence from Brazil, China and IndiaNazmi, Nader / Revilla, Julio E.
2007 Gains from trade: Implications for labour market adjustment and poverty reduction in AfricaFosu, Augustin Kwasi / Mold, Andrew
2008 Measuring the competitive threat from ChinaJenkins, Rhys
2012 Vende mais porque è fresquinho, ou é fresquinho porque vende mais: Uma avaliação de políticas selecionadas de desenvolvimento tecnológico no BrasilNogueira, Mauro Oddo / Zucoloto, Graziela Ferrero / Carneiro, Flávio Lyrio / Grimaldi, Daniel da Silva
1994 Swedish-Vietnamese Relations: Shifting Terms of CooperationAndersson, Thomas
2012 Sobreapreciações cambiais e composição de comércio exterior nos países emergentesRocha, Marcos / Marconi, Nelson
2008 Vietnam following in China's footsteps: The third wave of emerging Asian economiesChaponnière, Jean-Raphael / Cling, Jean-Pierre / Zhou, Bin
2010 Do capital inflows hinder competitiveness? The real exchange rate in EthiopiaMartins, Pedro M. G.
2005 Asymmetries and economic interaction between Israel and PalestineVaggi, Gianni / Baroud, Sara

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