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DateTitle Authors
2007 Growing apart?: a tale of two republics: Estonia and GeorgiaGylfason, Thorvaldur / Hochreiter, Eduard
2010 Growing together: Croatia and LatviaGylfason, Thorvaldur / Hochreiter, Eduard
2008 Political regime, private investment, and foreign direct investment in developing countriesUdomkerdmongkol, Manop / Morrissey, Oliver
2006 Credit growth in Central and Eastern Europe: Convergence or boom?Kiss, Gergely / Nagy, Márton / Vonnák, Balázs
2008 Different types of venture capital investors and value-added to high-tech portfolio firmsLuukkonen, Terttu
2004 Networks of Micro and Small Enterprise Banks: A Contribution to Financial Sector DevelopmentSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Von Pischke, J.D.
2005 Networks of micro and small enterprise banks: A contribution to financial sector developmentSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Von Pischke, John D.
2006 Poolability and the finance-growth nexus: A cautionary noteSchiavo, Stefano / Vaona, Andrea
1997 Critical issues in microbusiness finance and the role of donorsSchmidt, Reinhard H. / Zeitinger, Claus-Peter
2011 Financial development and income inequalityJauch, Sebastian / Watzka, Sebastian

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