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2008 Resources and the political economy of state fragility in conflict states: Iraq and SomaliaDibeh, Ghassan
2011 Impacts of forced marriages in Cambodia under the Pol Pot regimeKogure, Katsuo
2006 Rethinking import-substituting industrialization: Development strategies and institutions in Taiwan and ChinaZhu, Tianbiao
2013 Regulation, trust, and cronyism in Middle Eastern societies: The simple economics of 'wasta'Barnett, Andy / Yandle, Bruce / Naufal, George S.
2004 1680-1747 Ottoman Budgets and Deficits Sustainability in a Period of Fiscal Transition: Wars and Administrative ChangesBerument, Hakan / Oguz, Nuray
2015 Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance ChallengesHendrix, Cullen / Noland, Marcus
2011 The evolution of grain policy beyond Europe: Ottoman grain administration in the late eighteenth centuryAğir, Seven
2011 Statistical analysis of landmine fatalities in KurdistanHeshmati, Almas / Khayyat, Nabaz T.
2010 Happiness and Financial Satisfaction in Israel. Effects of Religiosity , Ethnicity, and Warvan Praag, Bernard M.S. / Romanov, Dmitri / Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada
2010 Happiness and financial satisfaction in Israel: Effects of religiosity, ethnicity, and warvan Praag, Bernard M. S. / Romanov, Dmitri / Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada

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