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2014 Non-financial hurdles for human capital accumulation: Landownership in Korea under Japanese ruleJun, Bogang / Kim, Tai-Yoo
2011 Das Bruttonationalglück aus ordnungspolitischer Sicht: Eine Analyse des Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftssystems von BhutanPfaff, Tobias
2007 Building a better rat trap: technological innovation, human capital and the IrulaTerjesen, Siri
2000 College quality and earnings in the Japanese labor marketOno, Hiroshi
2011 Understanding the pattern of growth and equity in the People's Republic of ChinaLiu, Minquan
2013 Ethnic Risk Sharing among the Rural Population in Vietnam - An Experimental ApproachRoggemann, Hanne / Myriam, Hadnes / Andreas, Landmann
2012 Women Count: Gender (in-)equalities in the human capital development in Asia, 1900-60Friesen, Julia / Baten, Jörg / Prayon, Valeria
2011 Das "Bruttonationalglück" als Leitlinie der Politik in Bhutan – eine ordnungspolitische AnalysePfaff, Tobias
2011 Parental job loss and children's health: Ten years after the massive layoff of the SOEs' workers in ChinaLiu, Hong / Zhao, Zhong
2014 Does in utero Exposure to Illness Matter? The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in Taiwan as a Natural ExperimentLin, Ming-Jen / Liu, Elaine M.

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