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DateTitle Authors
2006 A companion to The origin and diffusion of shocks to regional interest rates in the United States, 1880 - 2002Rockoff, Hugh / Landon-Lane, John S.
2012 Defaults and losses on commercial real estate bondsWiggers, Tyler / Ashcraft, Adam B.
2010 Adaptive interest rate modellingGuo, Mengmeng / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2014 The evolution of bank boards of directors in New York, 1840-1950White, Eugene N. / Bodenhorn, Howard
2013 Auctions implemented by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York during the great recessionArmantier, Olivier / Sporn, John
2013 100 Jahre Federal Reserve SystemWeber, Christoph S. / Wölfel, Katrin
2014 Central bank independence: Myth and misunderstandingWray, L. Randall
2008 Returns to investors in stocks in new industriesDwyer, Gerald P. / Barnhart, Cora
2007 Real origins of the Great Depression: monopolistic competition, union power, and the American business cycle in the 1920sEbell, Monique / Ritschl, Albrecht
2009 Bringing "honest capital" to poor borrowers: The passage of the uniform small loan law, 1907-1930Carruthers, Bruce G. / Guinnane, Timothy / Lee, Yoonseok

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