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2014 African growth miracle or statistical tragedy? Interpreting trends in the data over the past two decadesJerven, Morten
2014 The idea of economic development: Views from AfricaFofack, Hippolyte
2011 Growth, colonization, and institutional development: In and out of AfricaBertocchi, Graziella
2011 How does colonial origin matter for economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa?Agbor, Julius A.
2011 Macroeconomia para o desenvolvimento: Uma agenda de pesquisaWerneck Vianna, Salvador T. / Bruno, Miguel Antonio P. / de Melo Modenesi, André
2014 Size Matters: The Effect of the Scramble for Africa on Informal Institutions and DevelopmentDimico, Arcangelo
2014 The fall of the elephant: Two decades of poverty increase in Côte d'Ivoire (1988 - 2008)Cogneau, Denis / Houngbedji, Kenneth / Mesplé-Somps, Sandrine
2010 Growth, history, or institutions? What explains state fragility in sub-Saharan AfricaBertocchi, Graziella / Guerzoni, Andrea
2014 Revolution empirics: predicting the Arab SpringAsongu, Simplice A. / Nwachukwu, Jacinta C.
2005 Privatization in Africa: What has happened? What is to be done?Nellis, John

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