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2009 History without evidence: Latin American inequality since 1491Williamson, Jeffrey G.
2010 Inflationary memory as restrictive factor of the impact of the public expense in the economic growth: Lessons from high inflation Latin American countries using an innovative inflationary memory indicatorSheriff, Ernesto
2010 A concise history of exchange rate regimes in Latin AmericaFrenkel, Roberto / Rapetti, Martin
2011 Financial Development and Economic Growth in Latin America: Is Schumpeter Right?Bittencourt, Manoel
2012 Macroeconomic policies, growth, employment, and inequality in Latin AmericaDamill, Mario / Frenkel, Roberto
2013 Fiscal illusion and the shadow economy: Two sides of the same coin?Schneider, Friedrich / Buehn, Andreas / Dell'Anno, Roberto
2009 Schooling, cognitive skills, and the Latin American growth puzzleHanushek, Eric Alan / Woessmann, Ludger
2006 The rise and halt of economic development in Brazil, 1945 - 2004Burlamaqui, Leonardo / Souza, José A. P. de / Barbosa-Filho, Nelson H.
2009 History without Evidence: Latin American Inequality since 1491Williamson, Jeffrey G.
2015 Monetary policy in Argentina: From the inflation of the 1970s to the default of the new millenniumFerrandino, Vittoria / Sgro, Valentina

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