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DateTitle Authors
1995 How cooperative was the spirit? A note on the Eichengreen-view of Europe after World War IIPaqué, Karl-Heinz
1977 A Vintage Model of Swedish Economic Growth from 1870 to 1975Bentzel, Ragnar
2010 Endogenous Borders? Exploring a Natural Experiment on Border EffectsWolf, Nikolaus / Heinemeyer, Hans Christian / Schulze, Max-Stephan
2008 Endogenous borders?: the effects of new borders on trade in Central Europe 1885-1933Heinemeyer, Hans Christian / Schulze, Max-Stephan / Wolf, Nikolaus
2009 Shooting on a moving target : explaining European Bank rates during the interwar periodWandschneider, Kirsten / Wolf, Nikolaus
2012 The French Great Depression: A business cycle accounting analysisBridji, Slim
2011 Overvalued: Swedish monetary policy in the 1930sRathke, Alexander / Straumann, Tobias / Woitek, Ulrich
2009 Consumer prices in Denmark 1502-2007Abildgren, Kim
2012 Financial structures and the real effects of credit-supply shocks in Denmark 1922-2011Abildgren, Kim
2008 Understanding West German economic growth in the 1950sEichengreen, Barry / Ritschl, Albrecht

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