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DateTitle Authors
2003 Competing Transport Networksvan der Leij, Marco J.
2012 Avaliação dos fundos setoriais: CT-TransportePompermayer, Fabiano Mezadre / Guedes, Erivelton Pires
2006 Cazabobos o salvavidas? La economía política de los fotorradares en ChileParedes, Ricardo D. / Rizzi, Luis I. / Valenzuela, Javier
2004 Returns to Density in Operations of the Netherlands RailwaysPels, Eric / Daniel, Vanessa E. / Rietveld, Piet
2009 The stability of downtown parking and traffic congestionArnott, Richard J. / Inci, Eren
2009 A Monopolist in Public Transport: Undersupply or Oversupply?Karamychev, Vladimir A. / van Reeven, Peran
2010 Travel Time Variability and Airport AccessibilityKoster, Paul / Kroes, Eric / Verhoef, Erik T.
2006 Renegotiation without holdup: anticipating spending and infrastructure concessionsEngel, Eduardo M. R. A. / Fischer, Ronald D. / Galetovic, Alexander
2009 Tax Policy and CO2 Emissions – An Econometric Analysis of the German Automobile MarketVance, Colin / Mehlin, Markus
2011 A Stepwise Projection Data Envelopment Analysis for Public Transport Operations in JapanSuzuki, Soushi / Nijkamp, Peter

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