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2005 On the research value of large games : natural experiments in Norrath and CamelotCastronova, Edward
2009 Priority and internet qualityKruse, Jörn
2007 Ubiquitous Social Networks: Opportunities and Challenges for Privacy-Aware User ModellingPreibusch, Sören / Hoser, Bettina / Gürses, Seda / Berendt, Bettina
2008 Developing and harnessing software technology in the South: The roles of China, India, Brazil and South AfricaOjo, Adegboyega / Janowski, Tomasz / Basanya, Rilwan / Reed, Mike
2010 Speicherung und Publikation von Forschungsdaten: Der Beitrag der Deutschen Zentralbibliothek für WirtschaftswissenschaftenSiegert, Olaf
2004 A survey of the economic role of software platforms in computer-based industriesEvans, David S. / Hagiu, Andrei / Schmalensee, Richard
2003 B2C eCommerce strategy and market structure : the survey based approachSint, Peter Paul / Schmitz, Stefan W.
2002 Bug-fixing and code-writing : the private provision of open source softwareBitzer, Jürgen / Schröder, Philipp J. H.
2000 Marktordnung und Barrieren im grenzüberschreitenden Handel mit Kommunikationsdienstleistungen: Dienstleistungen der InformationstechnologieKrancke, Jan
2011 What economists know about open source software its basic principles and research resultsvon Engelhardt, Sebastian

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