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2007 Wirkung eines Anstiegs der Öl- und Gaspreise auf die deutsche WirtschaftMeyer, Bernd
2015 Price dispersion and station heterogeneity on German retail gasoline marketsHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich / Siekmann, Manuel
2013 The Role of CO2-EOR for the Development of a CCTS Infrastructure in the North Sea Region: A Techno-Economic Model and ApplicationMendelevitch, Roman
2010 Economia política de petróleo e gás: A experiência russaSchutte, Giorgio Romano
2016 North American natural gas model impact of cross-border trade with MexicoFeijoo, Felipe / Huppmann, Daniel / Sakiyama, Larissa / Siddiqui, Sauleh
2010 Global Oil Markets Revisited - Cartel or Stackelberg Market?Holz, Franziska / Huppmann, Daniel
2009 Is cartelisation profitable? A case study of the Rhenish Westphalian Coal Syndicate, 1893-1913Lübbers, Thorsten
2008 Cartels, managerial incentives, and productive efficiency in German coal mining, 1881-1913Burhop, Carsten / Lübbers, Thorsten
2002 Estimating vertical foreclosure in US gasoline supplyAydemir, Zava / Buehler, Stefan
2011 Nations as Strategic Players in Global Commodity Markets: Evidence from World Coal TradePaulus, Moritz / Trüby, Johannes / Growitsch, Christian

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