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2014 Towards a green internal electricity market: The self-regulation of European Transmission System Operators for Electricity within EU multilevel governanceBrüning, Anna
2009 Regulation and investment in network industries: Evidence from European telecomsGrajek, Michał / Röller, Lars-Hendrik
2013 Open access to data: An ideal professed but not practiseAndreoli-Versbach, Patrick / Mueller-Langer, Frank
2013 Does one more or one less mobile opertor affect prices? A comprehensive ex-post evaluation of entries and mergers in European mobile telecommunication marketsCsorba, Gergely / Pápai, Zoltán
2014 Is subsidizing companies in difficulties an optimal policy? An empirical study on the effectiveness of state aid in the European UnionNulsch, Nicole
2013 Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen des Erneuerbare-Energien-GesetzesHessler, Markus A. / Loebert, Ina
2006 Limiting Limited LiabilityDari-Mattiacci, Guiseppe
2012 Industry Self-Governance and National Security: On the Private Control of Dual Use Technologiesvon Engelhardt, Sebastian / Maurer, Stephen
2006 Oil Price Indexing Of Natural Gas Prices: An Economic AnalysisBartholomae, Florian W. / Morasch, Karl
2012 Competition in Germany's minute reserve power market: An econometric analysisHaucap, Justus / Heimeshoff, Ulrich / Jovanovic, Dragan

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