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2014 Policy commitment, legal and regulatory framework, and institutional support for PPP in international comparison: Indexing countries' readiness for taking up PPPVerhoest, Koen / Petersen, Ole Helby / Scherrer, Walter / Murwantara Soecipto, Raden
2015 Survival and breakthrough: A case study of evolutionary change in a state-owned enterpriseLiu, Yun-shi / Huang, Chen-kung / Fang, Ching-han / Tsai, Wei-ya / Chen, June-kune
2002 Rent seeking in hierachical firmsEpstein, Gil S. / Gang, Ira N.
2015 Reforming an institutional culture of corruption: A model of motivated agents and collective reputationValasek, Justin
2009 Shadow budgets, fiscal illusion and municipal spending: The case of GermanyHaug, Peter
2007 Local government control and efficiency of the water industry: An empirical analysis of water suppliers in East GermanyHaug, Peter
2009 Ready to leave the ivory tower? Academic scientists' appeal to work in the private sectorFritsch, Michael / Krabel, Stefan
2010 Public service broadcasting of sport, shows, and news as economic solution to the voter's paradox of rational ignoranceRothbauer, Julia / Sieg, Gernot
2011 Welfare effects of public service broadcasting in a free-to-air TV marketRothbauer, Julia / Sieg, Gernot
2013 Welfare Effects of Public Service Broadcasting in a Free-to-Air TV MarketSieg, Gernot / Rothbauer, Jula

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