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2008 Breach Remedies, Performance Excuses, and Investment IncentivesSchweizer, Urs
2005 Should Contractual Clauses that Forbid Renegotiation Always be Enforced?Schmitz, Patrick W.
2007 Damages for breach of contract, impossibility of performance and legal enforceabilityColoma, Germán
2010 A model of fault allocation in contract law: Moving from dividing liability to dividing costsJacobi, Osnat / Weiss, Avi
2013 Acquisition and Disclosure of Information as a Hold-up ProblemSchweizer, Urs
2006 Reliance Investments, Expectation Damages and Hidden InformationSchweizer, Urs
2004 Cooperative Investments Induced by Contract LawSchweizer, Urs
2010 Contracts between legal personsKornhauser, Lewis A. / MacLeod, W. Bentley
2006 On the Importance of Default Breach RemediesSloof, Randolph / Oosterbeek, Hessel / Sonnemans, Joep
2004 Störung der VertragsparitätKirstein, Roland / Schmidtchen, Dieter

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