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2008 Intergenerational persistence in educational attainment in ItalyChecchi, Daniele / Fiorio, Carlo V. / Leonardi, Marco
2008 The short- and long-term career effects of graduating in a recession: hysteresis and heterogeneity in the market for college graduatesOreopoulos, Philip / von Wachter, Till / Heisz, Andrew
2007 Frühe Flexibilisierung?: regionale Mobilität nach der Lehrausbildung in Deutschland zwischen 1977 und 2004Seibert, Holger
2010 Recent developments in intergenerational mobilityBlack, Sandra E. / Devereux, Paul J.
2008 Estimates of intergenerational elasticities based on lifetime earningsNilsen, Øivind Anti / Vaage, Kjell / Aakvik, Arild / Jacobsen, Karl
2013 Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in IndiaAzam, Mehtabul
2009 Immigrant circulation and citizenship: hotel Canada?DeVoretz, Don J.
Mar-2012 How Important Is Cultural Background for the Level of Intergenerational Mobility?Schnitzlein, Daniel D.
2012 Maternal gender role attitudes, human capital investment, and labour supply of sons and daughtersJohnston, David W. / Schurer, Stefanie / Shields, Michael A.
2011 Health effects of temporary jobs in EuropeEhlert, Christoph / Schaffner, Sandra

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