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DateTitle Authors
2007 Excess use of temporary parental benefitEngström, Per / Hesselius, Patrik / Persson, Malin
2009 The growth of participant direction in defined contribution plansEven, William E. / Macpherson, David A.
2011 The effects of social security taxes and minimum wages on employment: Evidence from TurkeyPapps, Kerry L.
2007 Bend it like Beckham: Hours and wages across forty-eight countries in 1900Huberman, Michael / Lewis, Frank D.
2003 Technology, entrepreneurship, and inequalityGambardella, Alfonso / Ulph, David
2010 Stability versus flexibility: The role of temporary employment in labour adjustmentCao, Shutao / Leung, Danny
2012 The impact of changes in second pension pillars on public finances in central and Eastern EuropeEgert, Balazs
Aug-2012 Erbe anstatt Rente? - Eine kritische Analyse -Scholtz , Hellmut D.
2005 Produktivitätseffekte betrieblicher ZusatzleistungenLutz, Roman
2005 Determinanten betrieblicher ZusatzleistungenLutz, Roman

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