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2012 Evolução da pobreza extrema e da desigualdade de renda na Bahia: 1995 a 2009Osorio, Rafael Guerreiro / Ferreira de Souza, Pedro H. G.
1998 Food deficits, food security and food aid: concepts and measurementGabbert, Silke / Weikard, Hans-Peter
2009 The concept of multidimensional poverty: Accounting for dimensional povertyRippin, Nicole
2012 Operationalising the Capability Approach: A German Correlation Sensitive Poverty IndexRippin, Nicole
2012 Distributional Justice and Efficiency: Integrating Inequality Within and Between Dimensions in Additive Poverty IndicesRippin, Nicole
2010 Poverty Severity in a Multidimensional Framework: The Issue of Inequality between DimensionsRippin, Nicole
2010 Empirical issues in lifetime poverty measurementHoy, Michael / Thompson, Brennan Scott / Zheng, Buhong
2008 Métodos de estudo sobre pobreza: Abordagens tradicionais e a modelagem de equações estruturaisde Codes, Ana Luiza Machado
2003 Assimilation effects on poverty among immigrants in NorwayGalloway, Taryn Ann / Aaberge, Rolf
2009 Metodologias para estabelecer a linha de pobreza: Objetivas, subjetivas, relativas e multidimensionaisSoares, Sergei Suarez Dillon

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