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2014 The mental and physical burden of caregiving: Evidence from administrative dataStroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Drug oversupply in nursing homes: An empirical evaluation of administrative dataStroka, Magdalena A.
2014 Nursing home prices and quality of care: Evidence from administrative dataReichert, Arndt R. / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2011 Health employment, medical spending, and long term health reformPauly, Mark V. / Saxena, Anand
2010 The trend of BMI values by centiles of US adults, birth cohorts 1882 - 1986Komlos, John / Brabec, Marek
2014 Do elderly choose nursing homes by quality, price or location?Schmitz, Hendrik / Stroka, Magdalena A.
2013 Effects of Psychiatric Disorders on Labor Market Outcomes: A Latent Variable Approach Using Multiple clinical IndicatorsBanerjee, Souvik / Chatterji, Pinka / Lahiri, Kajal
2009 The relationship between stature and insolation : evidence from soldiers and prisonersCarson, Scott Alan
2011 Demographic, residential, and socioeconomic effects on the distribution of 19th century white Body Mass Index valuesCarson, Scott A.
2007 Risk and mortality of recurrent breast cancer in Stockholm 1985 - 2005Lundkvist, Jonas / Kasteng, Frida / Lidgren, Mathias / Adolfsson, Jan / Bergh, Jonas

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