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DateTitle Authors
2008 Can we test for bias in scientific peer-review?Oswald, Andrew J.
2011 Planejamento governamental e gestão pública no Brasil: Elementos para ressignificar o debate e capacitar o estadoCardoso Jr., José Celso
2006 Tobacco taxation in the European UnionCnossen, Sijbren
2006 Alcohol taxation and regulation in the European UnionCnossen, Sijbren
2012 Planejamento e desenvolvimento: Considerações à luz de documentos do governo brasileiro entre 2003 e 2010Gimenez, Denis Maracci / Cardoso Júnior, José Celso
2013 Estimating the holdout problem in land assemblyCunningham, Chris
2012 Diagnosis converning the financial knowledge of Local Government Units (LGUs)Skica, Tomasz / Wolowiec, Tomasz
2006 The (after) life-cycle theory of religious contributionsBlomberg, S. Brock / DeLeire, Thomas / Hess, Gregory D.
2008 Federalism and decentralization: a critical survey of frequently used indicatorsBlume, Lorenz / Voigt, Stefan
1997 Fußball als ökonomisches Phänomen: Money Makes the Ball Go RoundLehmann, Erik / Weigand, Jürgen

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