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2001 Public deficits and borrowing costs: the missing half of market disciplineHeinemann, Friedrich / Winschel, Viktor
2012 Do budgetary institutions mitigate the common pool problem? New empirical evidence for the EUde Haan, Jakob / Jong-A-Pin, Richard / Mierau, Jochen O.
2006 Sustainability of Swiss fiscal policyKirchgässner, Gebhard / Prohl, Silika
2005 Has the stability and growth pact stabilised? : Evidence from a panel of 12 European countries and some implications for the reform of the pactMarinheiro, Carlos Jose Fonseca
2005 Sustainability and determinants of Italian public deficits before and after MaastrichtGalli, Emma / Padovano, Fabio
2011 Moving target indication: Fiscal indicators employed by the Magyar Nemzeti BankKiss, Gábor P.
2005 Mind the gap - International comparison of cyclical adjustment of the budgetKiss, Gábor P. / Vadas, Gábor
2010 Zum Kostenanstieg im Gesundheitswesen 2009: Wie teuer waren die Reformen?Schnurr, Felix / Vatter, Johannes / Weimann, Frank
2011 Staatsverschuldung ist ein Problem des politischen SystemsKruse, Jörn
2013 Euro Membership and Fiscal Reaction FunctionsWeichenrieder, Alfons / Zimmer, Jochen

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