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DateTitle Authors
2010 Estimating long-run equilibrium relationship between government expenditures and revenues in RomaniaValeriu, Nalban
2013 Der Vorsorge-Albtraumvon Weizsäcker, Carl Christian
2008 Revisitando a função de reação fiscal no Brasil pós-real: Uma abordagem de mudanças de regimeMendonça, Mário Jorge / dos Santos, Cláudio H.
2005 Why is fiscal policy often procyclical?Alesina, Alberto / Tabellini, Guido
2014 Fiscal and debt sustainability in a federal structure: The case of Assam in North East IndiaDutta, Parag
2006 Fiscal indulgence in Central Europe: loss of the external anchor?Berger, Helge / Kopits, George / Székely, István P.
2011 From First-Release to Ex-Post Fiscal Data: Exploring the Sources of Revision Errors in the EUBeetsma, Roel / Bluhm, Benjamin / Giuliodori, Massimo / Wierts, Peter
2014 Fiscal rules and compliance expectations: Evidence for the German debt brakeHeinemann, Friedrich / Janeba, Eckhard / Schröder, Christoph / Streif, Frank
2006 Sustainability of Austrian public debt: a political economyHaber, Gottfried / Neck, Reinhard
2010 Die Auswirkungen der Steuer- und Sozialreformen der Jahre 1999 - 2005 auf die automatischen Stabilisatoren DeutschlandsKalusche, Johannes

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