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2009 Sobre maldições e bênçaõs: É possível gerir recursos naturais de forma sustentável? Uma análise sobre os royalties e as compensações financeiras no BrasilCruz, Bruno de Oliveira / Ribeiro, Márcio Bruno
2015 Higher taxes, more evasion? Evidence from border differentials in TV license feesBerger, Melissa / Fellner-Röhling, Gerlinde / Sausgruber, Rupert / Traxler, Christian
2015 Higher Taxes, More Evasion? Evidence from Border Differentials in TV License FeesBerger, Melissa / Fellner, Gerlinde / Sausgruber, Rupert / Traxler, Christian
2009 Old George Orwell got it backward : some thoughts on behavioral tax economicsSlemrod, Joel
2012 Der neue Kurs der Europäischen ZentralbankHomburg, Stefan
2011 The efficiency of states and cities: Is there a case for public land leasing and sales to finance India's cities?Sridhar, Kala Seetharam
2009 Local fiscal equalization in Estonia : is a reform necessary?Friedrich, Peter / Nam, Chang Woon / Reiljan, Janno
2011 What does Norway get out of its oil fund, if not more strategic infrastructure investment?Hudson, Michael
2010 Voluntary giving and economic growth: Time series evidence for the USHeinemann, Friedrich
2007 Sectoral transformations in neo-patrimonial rentier states: Tourism development and state policy in EgyptRichter, Thomas / Steiner, Christian

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