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2013 Avanços e limites na implementação de políticas públicas nacionais sob a abordagem territorial no BrasilPereira Silva, Sandro
2009 The lost popularity function: are unemployment and inflation no longer relevant for the bahaviour of German voters?Kirchgässner, Gebhard
2008 IdeologyBénabou, Roland
2008 Foreign direct investment and structural reforms: evidence from Eastern Europe and Latin AmericaCampos, Nauro F. / Kinoshita, Yuko
2005 Optimal rent extraction in pre-industrial England and France : default risk and monitoring costsPriks, Mikael
2009 The economic effects of federalism and decentralization: a cross-country assessmentVoigt, Stefan / Blume, Lorenz
2009 Interest groups and government spending in Italy, 1876 - 1913Fiorino, Nadia / Ricciuti, Roberto
2013 Vertical grants and local public efficiencyBischoff, Ivo / Bönisch, Peter / Haug, Peter / Illy, Annette
2007 Judiciaries in corrupt societiesPriks, Mikael
2007 The European Union and the member states: which level of government should do what?: An empirical analysis of Europeans' preferencesCerniglia, Floriana / Pagani, Laura

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