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DateTitle Authors
2004 Asymmetric taxation and cross-border investment decisionsNiemann, Rainer
2005 Group taxation, asymmetric taxation and cross-border investment incentives in AustriaNiemann, Rainer / Treisch, Corinna
1999 Agency Costs, Credit Constraints and Corporate InvestmentHansen, Sten
2007 Erweiterungen zu „Simplified Discounting Rules in Binomial Models“ von Frank RichterRosarius, Stephan / Wiese, Jörg
2007 The impact of tax uncertainty on irreversible investmentNiemann, Rainer
2006 Delegating budgets when agents care about autonomyKuhn, Michael / Gundlach, Erich
2009 Treatment of double default effects within the granularity adjustment for Basel IIEbert, Sebastian / Lütkebohmert, Eva
2009 Failure of saddle-point method in the presence of double defaultsLütkebohmert, Eva
2009 Improved modeling of double default effects in Basel II: An endogenous asset drop model without additional correlationEbert, Sebastian / Lütkebohmert, Eva
2002 Capital Budgeting in Arbitrage-Free MarketsLaitenberger, Jörg / Löffler, Andreas

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