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2014 Basel III: Will Borrowing Money from Czech Banks Become More Expensive?Matejašák, Milan
2006 Risk transfer with CDOs and systemic risk in bankingfamKrahnen, Jan Pieter / Wilde, Christian
2005 The Costs of Supervisory Fragmentation in EuropeSchüler, Martin / Heinemann, Friedrich
2002 A Stigler View on Banking SupervisionHeinemann, Friedrich / Schüler, Martin
2003 How Do Banking Supervisors Deal with Europe-wide Systemic Risk?Schüler, Martin
2012 Who gains and who loses from the 2011 debit card interchange fee reform?Shy, Oz
2013 Lessons from the financial crisis: Bank performance and regulatory reformArjani, Neville / Paulin, Graydon
2011 Crise financeira e reformas da supervisãoe regulaçãoFarhi, Maryse
2013 The 2011 European short sale ban on financial stocks: A cure or a curse?Félix, Luiz / Kräussl, Roman / Stork, Philip
2013 Banking capital and risk-taking adjustment under capital regulation: The role of financial freedom, concentration and governance controlLin, Shu Ling / Hwang, Da-Yeh / Wang, Keh Luh / Xie, Zhe Wen

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