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2014 Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries – New Evidence on the Costs of Price StabilityBelke, Ansgar / Böing, Tobias
2014 Sacrifice ratios for euro area countries: New evidence on the costs of price stabilityBelke, Ansgar / Böing, Tobias
2015 Does foreign direct investment synchronise business cycles? Results from a panel approachFries, Claudia / Kappler, Marcus
2011 Bilateral exports from Euro Zone countries to the US: Does exchange rate variability play a role?Verheyen, Florian
1999 Export Instability, Investment and Economic Growth in Asian Countries: A Time Series AnalysisSinha, Dipendra
2013 Institution-induced productivity differences and patterns of international capital flowsMatsuyama, Kiminori
2007 A cross-sectional approach to regional long-run inflation in ItalyVaona, Andrea
2009 Managing Success in Viet Nam: Macroeconomic Consequences of Large Capital Inflows with Limited Policy ToolsMenon, Jayant
2010 Globalization and trade flows: What you see is not what you get!Maurer, Andreas / Degain, Christophe
2013 Does Foreign Direct Investment Synchronise Business Cycles? Results from a Panel ApproachBusl, Claudia / Kappler, Marcus

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