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DateTitle Authors
Dec-2013 Die aus verfassungsrechtlicher Sicht steuerlich relevante Höhe der Eigenanteile zeitnaher RentenzugängeScholtz, Hellmut D.
2002 The equilibrium rate of unemployment and policies to lower it: The case of FinlandAlho, Kari E.O.
2011 A inflação brasileira na década de 2000 e a importância de políticas não monetárias de controleBraga, Julia de Medeiros
2003 Inflation, output and perfectly enforceable price controls in orthodox and heterodox stabilization programmesReyna-Cerecero, Mario / Mavrotas, George
2009 Creative destruction and fiscal institutions: A long-run case study of three regionsSchnellenbach, Jan / Baskaran, Thushyanthan / Feld, Lars P.
2002 Do labor market programs affect labor force participation?Johansson, Kerstin
2002 Labor market programs, the discouraged-worker effect, and labor force participationJohansson, Kerstin
2009 The Finnish developmental state and its growth regimeJäntti, Markus / Vartiainen, Juhana
2002 Labor Market Programs, the Discouraged-Worker Effect, and Labor Force ParticipationJohansson, Kerstin
2013 Dealing with the 2007/08 global food price crisis: The political economy of food price policy in MalawiChirwa, Ephraim / Chinsinga, Blessings

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