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DateTitle Authors
2005 Optimal fiscal policy when migration is feasibleOcchino, Filippo
2005 Optimal fiscal policy over the business cycleOcchino, Filippo
2009 Government spending shocks in quarterly and annual US time-seriesBorn, Benjamin / Müller, Gernot J.
2011 How to assess public debt sustainability: Empirical evidence for the advanced European countriesCurtaşu, Anca Ruxandra
2004 Local autonomy and interregional equalityCappelen, Alexander W. / Tungodden, Bertil
2010 Fiscal policy under imperfect competition: A surveyCosta, Luís F. / Dixon, Huw David
2011 The Effects of Government Spending: A Disaggregated ApproachBurgert, Matthias / Gomes, Pedro
2011 Fiscal policy under imperfect competition with flexible prices: An overview and surveyCosta, Luís F. / Dixon, Huw David
2008 Taxation, aggregates and the householdGuner, Nezih / Kaygusuz, Remzi / Ventura, Gustavo
1976 On the Effect of Different Patterns of Public Consumption ExpendituresDahlberg, Lars / Jakobsson, Ulf

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