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2005 Optimal illusions and decisions under riskGollier, Christian
2005 Putting risk in its proper placeEeckhoudt, Louis / Schlesinger, Harris
2009 Is specialization desirable in committee decision making?Ben-Yashar, Ruth / Koh, Winston T. H. / Nitzan, Shmuel
2002 The impact of delivery risk on optimal production and futures hedgingAdam-Müller, Axel F. A. / Wong, Kit Pong
2014 Stated and revealed heterogeneous risk preferences in educational choiceFossen, Frank M. / Glocker, Daniela
2014 The Perception of Lethal Risks: Evidence from a Laboratory ExperimentSchubert, Manuel / Brück, Tilman
2014 A Dynamic Extension of the Foster-Hart Measure of RiskinessHellmann, Tobias / Riedel, Frank
2014 Kuhn's Theorem for Extensive Form Ellsberg GamesMouraviev, Igor / Riedel, Frank / Sass, Linda
2014 Categorization Based Belief FormationsBleile, Jörg
2013 Manipulating reliance on intuition reduces risk and ambiguity aversionButler, Jeffrey V. / Guiso, Luigi / Jappelli, Tullio

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