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2004 International trade and cultural diversity : a model of preference selectionBala, Vankatesh / Long, Ngo Van
2002 Blackwell's ordering and public informationCampbell, Colin M.
2008 Markets for information: of inefficient firewalls and efficient monopoliesCabrales, Antonio / Gottardi, Piero
2000 Variability and avrage profits: Does Oi's result generalize?Friberg, Richard / Martensen, Kaj
2009 On the desirability of taxing capital income to reduce moral hazard in social insuranceJacobs, Bas / Schindler, Dirk
2009 On The Relevance Of Irrelevant InformationParakhonyak, Alexei
2011 Capacity Constraints and Beliefs about DemandVikander, Nick
1999 Behavioral Effects of Probation Periods: An Analysis of Worker AbsenteeismRiphahn, Regina T. / Thalmaier, Anja
2011 Does political knowledge increase support for Europe? A cross country investigation of the attitudes of European citizensCerniglia, Floriana / Pagani, Laura
2007 Beggar Thy Neighbour: Exchange Rate Regime Misadvice from Misunderstandings of Mundell (1961)Pope, Robin

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