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DateTitle Authors
2010 A Note on Passepartout ProblemsEstevez-Fernandez, Arantza / Borm, Peter / Hamers, Herbert
2009 Terrorism prevention and electoral accountabilityDragu, Tiberiu / Polborn, Mattias
2011 Beyond condorcet: Optimal aggregation rules using voting recordsBaharad, Eyal / Goldberger, Jacob / Koppel, Moshe / Nitzan, Shmuel
2003 Collective Investment Decision Making with Heterogeneous Time PreferencesGollier, Christian / Zeckhauser, Richard
2013 Negative Campaigning in a Probabilistic Voting ModelBrueckner, Jan K. / Lee, Kangoh
2012 Are groups more rational, more competitive or more prosocial bargainers?Vollstädt, Ulrike / Böhm, Robert
2006 Consistency and unanimity in the house allocation problems I: Collective initial endowmentsTakamiya, Koji
2008 The right of withdrawal in the treaty of Lison: A game theoretic reflection on different decision processes in the EULechner, Susanne / Ohr, Renate
2013 The Predictive Power of Political Pundits: Prescient or Pitiful?Metaxas, Phillip / Leigh, Andrew
2014 Does the African middle class defend democracy? Evidence from KenyaCheeseman, Nic

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