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DateTitle Authors
2009 Expected net present value, expected net future value, and the Ramsey ruleGollier, Christian
2008 Interest groups and economic performance: Some new evidenceZimmermann, Klaus W. / Horgos, Daniel
2013 Affirmative Action: One Size Does Not Fit AllKrishna, Kala / Tarasov, Alexander
2010 Incomplete preferences in choice experiments: A note on avoidable noise and bias in welfare estimatesKataria, Mitesh / Shogren, Jason F.
2006 Economic Surplus and Derived DemandSchlicht, Ekkehart
2007 Providing Public Goods Without Strong Sanctioning InstitutionsGerber, Anke / Wichardt, Philipp C.
2011 Why activity based costing (ABC) is still tagging behind the traditional costing in Malaysia?Rasiah, Devinaga
2000 Dynamic Efficiency and Pareto Optimality in a Stochastic OLG Model with Production and Social SecurityBarbie, Martin / Hagedorn, Marcus / Kaul, Ashok
2000 Representative versus Direct Democracy: The Role of Informational AsymmetriesKessler, Anke
2013 Sharing a polluted river through environmental taxesGómez-Rúa, María

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