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DateTitle Authors
2006 Income Inequality in the 1990s: Comparing the United States, Great Britain and GermanyBurkhauser, Richard V. / Rovba, Ludmila
2008 Happiness inequality in the United StatesStevenson, Betsey / Wolfers, Justin
2008 The assignment of workers to tasks, wage distribution and technical change: a critical reviewDupuy, Arnaud
2007 Educational self-selection, tasks assignment and rising wage inequalityDupuy, Arnaud
2015 Tale of two ginis in the United States, 1921-2012Schneider, Markus P. A. / Tavani, Daniele
2014 How do households allocate their assets? Stylized facts from the eurosystem household finance and consumption surveyArrondel, Luc / Bartiloro, Laura / Fessler, Primin / Lindner, Peter / Mathä, Thomas Y. / Rampazzi, Cristiana / Savignac, Frederique / Schmidt, Tobias / Schürz, Martin / Vermeulen, Philip
2002 Optimal Marginal Tax Rates for Low Incomes: Positive, Negative, or Zero?Homburg, Stefan
2002 The Optimal Income Tax: Restatement and ExtensionsHomburg, Stefan
2010 The (evolving) role of agriculture in poverty reduction: an empirical perspectiveChristiaensen, Luc / Demery, Lionel / Kuhl, Jesper
2011 Solidarity, responsibility and group identityCostard, Jano / Bolle, Friedel

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