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2011 A flexible test for present bias and time preferences using land-lease contractsGautier, Pieter A. / van Vuuren, Aico
2014 Exchange asymmetries for bads? Experimental evidenceDertwinkel-Kalt, Markus / Köhler, Katrin
2009 How prevalent is post-decision dissonance? Some doubts and new evidenceHolden, Steinar
2012 Homo economicus vs. human being: Outcomes of irrationalityYamane, Shoko / Yoneda, Hiroyasu / Tsutsui, Yoshiro
2011 Peer effects and social preferences in voluntary cooperationThöni, Christian / Gächter, Simon
2012 Self-selection and variations in the laboratory measurement of other-regarding preferences across subject pools: Evidence from one college student and two adult samplesAnderson, Jon / Burks, Stephen V. / Carpenter, Jeffrey / Götte, Lorenz / Maurer, Karsten / Nosenzo, Daniele / Potter, Ruth / Rocha, Kim / Rustichini, Aldo
2013 Self-selection into economics experiments is driven by monetary rewardsAbeler, Johannes / Nosenzo, Daniele
2013 Information technologies and subjective well-being: Does the internet raise material aspirations?Lohmann, Steffen
2011 Challenging the intrapersonal empathy gap: An experiment with self-commitment powerUhl, Matthias
2011 Big experimenter is watching you! Anonymity and prosocial behavior in the laboratoryBarmettler, Franziska / Fehr, Ernst / Zehnder, Christian

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