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1998 An Experimental Test for Stability of the Transformation Function in Rank-Dependent Expected Utility Theory and Order-Dependent Present Value TheoryGigliotti, Gary / Sopher, Barry
2013 More than thirty years of ultimatum bargaining experiments: Motives, variations, and a survey of the recent literatureGüth, Werner / Kocher, Martin G.
2000 An experiment on learning with limited information: Nonconvergence, experimentation cascades, and the advantage of being slowFriedman, Eric / Shor, Mikhael / Shenker, Scott / Sopher, Barry
2012 The more you know? Consumption behavior and the communication of economic informationBrosig-Koch, Jeannette / Keldenich, Klemens
2013 More than Thirty Years of Ultimatum Bargaining Experiments: Motives, Variations, and a Survey of the Recent LiteratureGüth, Werner / Kocher, Martin G.
2011 Social preferences in the lab: A comparison of students and a representative populationCappelen, Alexander W. / Nygaard, Knut / Sørensen, Erik Ø. / Tungodden, Bertil
2012 Measuring risk aversion with lists: A new biasBosch-DomŠnech, Antoni / Silvestre, Joaquim
2012 Measuring risk aversion with lists: A new biasBosch-Domènech, Antoni / Silvestre, Joaquim
2012 Let's talk: How communication affects contract designBrandts, Jordi / Charness, Gary / Ellman, Matthew
2003 Negotiators' cognition: An experimental study on bilateral, integrative negotiationReina, Livia

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