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2013 Explaining the strength and the efficiency of monetary policy transmission: A panel of impulse responses from a time-varying parameter modelMatĕjů, Jakub
2011 Die Modelle ASTRA und PANTA RHEI zur Abschätzung gesamtwirtschaftlicher Wirkungen umweltpolitischer Instrumente - ein VergleichLehr, Ulrike / Mönnig, Anke / Wolter, Marc Ingo / Lutz, Christian / Schade, Wolfgang / Krail, Michael
2013 Explaining the German trade surplus: An analysis with an estimated DSGE modelVogel, Lukas / Kollmann, Robert / Ratto, Marco / Roeger, Werner / In 't Veld, Jan
2011 Equilibrium heterogeneous-agent models as measurement tools: Some Monte Carlo evidenceCozzi, Marco
2010 A chronology of international business cycles through non-parametric decodingFushing, Hsieh / Chen, Shu-Chun / Berge, Travis J. / Jorda, Oscar
2012 Counterfactual analysis in macroeconometrics: An empirical investigation into the effects of quantitative easingPesaran, M. Hashem / Smith, Ron P.
2014 Expectile treatment effects: An efficient alternative to compute the distribution of treatment effectsStahlschmidt, Stephan / Eckardt, Matthias / Härdle, Wolfgang K.
2011 The impact of fiscal policy on economic activity over the business cycle - evidence from a threshold VAR analysisBaum, Anja / Koester, Gerrit B.
2010 Methodische Ansätze zur Quantifizierung der Arbeitsplatzeffekte von Maßnahmen zur ländlichen EntwicklungMargarian, Anne
2013 The Pharmacological Channel Revisited: Alcohol Sales Restrictions and Crime in BogotaMello, Joao De / Londono, Daniel Mejia / Suarez, Lucia

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