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DateTitle Authors
2010 A note on Kalman filter approach to solution of rational expectations modelsSorge, Marco M.
2004 The Role of Permanent and Transitory Components in Business Cycle Volatility ModerationKorenok, Oleg / Radchenko, Stanislav
2009 Studying the short-run dynamics of inflation: Estimating a hybrid new-keynesian Phillips Curve for Argentina (1993-2007)D'Amato, Laura / Garegnani, María Lorena
2012 Prediction markets for economic forecastingSnowberg, Erik / Wolfers, Justin / Zitzewitz, Eric
2007 Kasvihuonekaasupäätöjen ennakointi ja EU: N päästörajoituspolitiikan vaikutusten arviointiRantala, Olavi
2012 Challenging traditional risk models by a non-stationary approach with nonparametric heteroscedasticityGürtler, Marc / Rauh, Ronald
2013 Empirical studies in a multivariate non-stationary, nonparametric regression model for financial returnsGürtler, Marc / Rauh, Ronald
2002 A Model of Educational Attainment: Application to the German CaseLauer, Charlotte
2002 Family background, cohort and education: A French-German comparisonLauer, Charlotte
2015 Carrot and Stick? Impact of a Low-Stakes School Accountability Program on Student AchievementWoo, Seokjin / Lee, Soohyung / Kim, Kyunghee

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